MainStream Painting is not only committed to eco-friendly painting practices, but is also committed to professional quality painting inside and outside your home. As professional painting contractors, MainStream Painting will ensure the highest quality paint job on your interior, and is committed to meeting the requests of clients. This includes following special instructions with furniture and other furnishings, and making considerations for your time, because MainStream Painting knows your home and office are important to you.

MainStream Painting strives for painting excellence, and quality customer care. MainStream Painting takes several steps to ensure your interior painting job is done right.

•Move furniture outside of the working area (if possible) or move furniture to the center of the room
•Remove all outlet covers and electrical plates
•Protect carpet, furniture and surfaces not to be painted
•Prep and fill all nail holes
•Spot prime or full prime (per contract)
•Sand and paint walls
•Prep and paint cabinets, doors, windows and wood work
•Detail all work
•Furniture relocated
•Final touch up
•Final walk through

MainStream Painting seeks customer satisfaction in every aspect of interior painting. Not only will You have high-quality, eco-friendly painted interiors, but MainStream Painting will also take special care in protecting your furniture, floors, outlet covers, and wood work. These extra steps put MainStream Painting above the standard for home and office projects.  Call for your free estimate today.
Quality exterior painting requires more than a couple of coats of paint. MainStream Painting follows a specialized process to ensure long-lasting exterior paint while taking special care to clean the exterior and to protect windows and doors before painting. For every exterior project, MainStream Painting observes the following checklist to ensure the highest quality of exterior painting and customer satisfaction.

Inspect surfaces to be painted
Water blast surfaces
Scrape and patch affected areas
Protect windows, doors and surfaces not to be painted
Spot prime or full prime on areas to be painted (Per Contract)
Paint wood trim, doors windows and misc metals (Per Contract)
Parking Lot striping and curb side painting and stenciling (Per Contract)
Minor Masonry (Per Contract)
Inspect before finish coat is applied
Clean up
Final detail
Final walk through

Not only does MainStream Painting take the steps before painting to ensure a quality paint job, but we also make sure to clean up afterwards. MainStream Painting is also careful to leave your home and office looking better than before. We remove all trash and equipment before calling the job complete. If your exterior paint job requires special instructions, MainStream Painting will work to meet your requests. MainStream Painting, professionals strive for customer satisfaction as well as eco-friendly processes. Call for your free estimate today,
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